Stacie Speaker Coaching offers programs specifically designed for smart, passionate women leaders at all levels seeking to grow professionally. For women who want to find their voice, push past being good enough, who want to figure out their leadership sweet spot so they feel empowered to lead others, and minimize leaving their career in someone else’s hands.

At some point we must stop making excuses and blaming others for why we aren’t where we want to be in our careers. There is always going to be some obstacle – a busy schedule, a demanding boss, client or employee, kids, husband, aging parents or we are just too damn tired to make a change. Here’s the secret, we can’t do it alone, we need support, so we can stop the excuses, overcome the crap and frustration and really go after what we want in our career.

This is where we come in! We at Stacie Speaker Coaching believe in you, your dreams, your aspirations and your abilities even when you don’t. We love to be accountability partners, be the sounding board and don’t mind when we must do a little ass kicking with love, so you take action and leap into the life you want to live.

Empowering Women Leaders



This is the recommended starting point of the Communication Development and Conflict Resolution System™. This assessment will be used for individual and group coaching as this creates a baseline for us to discover the current energy levels in your organization.


For women who don’t want to leave their career to chance, who want to push past being good enough, who want to expand their leadership skills, so they can be empowered to go for want they want professionally.

This program includes personalized one-on- one sessions between coach and client, to explore the vision, create a strategy, implement tools and systems and create an action plan to move you forward towards your goals.

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