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Discover tools to improve your COMMUNICATION skills


Discover tools to improve your organization’s CULTURE OF APPRECIATION

We are the leading experts in helping toy and entertainment companies to expand and protect market share by developing leaders who are adept at navigating a rapidly changing landscape.



  • When teams can’t execute on the biggest strategic initiatives.
  • When leaders are unable to focus on high-level strategies with current team structure.
  • When the team is unable to work quickly and effectively to pivot to take advantage of market opportunities when external influences affect internal projects.
  • When leaders must drive and gain partner alignment around a critical initiative.
  • When internal conflict is at its peak and impacts effectiveness, productivity and the bottom line.


  • Reduction in meeting lengths by 42%; meetings are efficient, streamlined and adhering to the agenda. 
  • Organizations increased overall employee engagement by 35%; better overall attendance and employee retention, getting the right people in the right seats on the bus.
  • Leaders have improved their time management and gained back 4+ hours each week in their schedule.
  • The staff has become more powerful communicators maintaining composure when dealing with problems or difficult situations. The overall conflict within the office has been reduced by 28%.



For individuals who don’t want to leave their career to chance, who want to push past being good enough, who want to expand their leadership skills, so they can be empowered to go for want they want professionally. This program is made up of personalized one-on- one sessions between coach and client. We will explore your vision, create a strategy, implement the tools and create an action plan to move you forward towards your professional goals.


For individuals who come together in a group setting, all with a common interest to improve a certain professional skill (leadership, communication, presentations, etc.) with the intention to meet their personal goals for their career. These interactive group coaching 6, 8 or 10-week workshops takes place on-site, and offer the participants instruction, training and individual coaching which encourages self-learning and exploration.


These engagements include keynotes, leading break-out sessions for internal and external conferences, and creating an in-house lunch and learn program to engage and provide opportunities for quick, top level for learning for employees.


These interactive team workshops take place on-site, are geared toward building a team dynamic who are aligned and headed towards a common goal help accelerate the teams’ performance. Maybe it’s a newly formed team, an established team with new leadership, re-forming a team after an internal re-organization, or a team which isn’t motivated or is experiencing conflict. These one or two-day workshops offer instruction, training, and coaching which encourages collaboration and building a cohesive team who commits to the overall success of the team.
*Curriculum can be customized to specifically address your organizational, cultural, and leadership challenges.*


As an external consultant, Stacie has a great collaborative approach that enables her to partner well and in turn creates or adapts her content to meet the needs of customers.

Her sessions are designed around useful content yet it is more her delivery and application that gets results. Stacie is a great presenter, and her fun role-play exercises, case studies reflection and instant action planning that make the sessions interactive, fun and engaging. Feedback from participants include that she is a passionate easy going coach and great to work with.

Human Resources Dept.

Moose Toys

Stacie Speaker has a very unique and effective coaching style.  She is smart, motivated and has the right personality to drive your business. She quickly understood my challenges and together we created a solid action plan to move my company forward. Her realistic and easy-to-talk-to approach made her very relatable to the team and the return on investment was invaluable.

Tim Sabba
Discovery Point 58 Franchise Owner

When I first started working with Stacie I was at a crossroad, should I stay at my current company or move on. She is a very compassionate listener and helped me identify the undercurrent of what was happening and the crux of what I needed. I was able to decipher what was at the heart of the issue for me.

I felt I wasn’t being valued or acknowledged in my position and I wanted to be seen as a leader.

She helped me gain the confidence to be more assertive and find my own voice which has been a big breakthrough for me. I had a great conversation with my boss about the goals I want to achieve for my career and together we put an action plan in place, giving me more responsibility to help grow and manage the business and myself.

Sondra Wiener

Sr. Manager Product Design, Hasbro


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Thank you for taking the time to check out my website to learn a little about me and if we are going to work together which I hope we do.

Now on with a few fun facts…

My name is Stacie Speaker, born, raised and still living in California and yes, “Speaker” is my given name.

I earned my degree in Communications from CSU Fullerton. After graduation, I worked in Hollywood behind the scenes on the Warner Bros. hit tv shows, “Friends”, “Murphy Brown” and the Universal film, “Jurassic Park; The Lost World”, and Sony’s “Wild Things”. Years later I transitioned to the corporate side where I helped market kids’ toys for the largest entertainment licensing and toy manufacturing companies in the world, The Walt Disney Company, DreamWorks Animation, Rovio, JAKKS Pacific and Mattel.

I was happy in the world of entertainment and toys, I spent the last 20 years of my life building relationships, communities, listening and helping people solve problems, giving a voice to people who were too shy to speak up. Being part of two interwoven industries which created memories, a way to dream bigger, experience emotions for kids of all ages, through the movies and toys we produced was and is a privilege I will never forget.

I’ve been extremely fortunate to have met and been influenced by some amazing people in both industries, actors/actresses, producers, directors, VPs, SVPs & CEOs. I’ve learned invaluable lessons on how to communicate with passion, empathy, laughter, and important lessons on using words, tone, and non-verbal language which can make or break a team and ultimately a company. I’ve experienced my share of conflict, being passed over for a promotion, not being taken seriously, not being heard or valued as a team member, being harassed and sometimes bullied.

There is always a place for improvement, lessons to be learned, knowledge to pass along and I knew it was time to take a chance and start my own company where I could help leaders improve upon their communication foundation and deal with conflict before it takes over the office culture.

Now more than ever, there are so many mixed messages, so much frustration, disbelief and anger and working with leaders to lean in and face the internal and external conflicts head on and not avoid the problems is what I am passionate about.

We need leaders who create the opportunity for people to have conversations, to be heard so they can create organizations of inclusion, diversity, and compassion which will result in a successful business model.



Start your communication journey today. Let’s talk about your conversation skills and get clarity on your style by booking a discovery call with Stacie.

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