In this episode, Stacie welcomes Elena Deutsch to the Communication Untangled podcast! Elena works with attorney’s in order to help them figure out their next step, kick that inner nay-sayer to the curb, and to take action on their dreams. The funny thing: Elena is not, and has never been a lawyer, but she has a massive passion for helping women in law.

In This Episode

  • How and why she decided to work with lawyers

  • The core concept that Elena goes through with her clients

  • Saying no and created a desired life

  • Questioning your thought process using 4 simple questions

“This idea of helping women lawyers kept waking me up”

“She’s saying yes to sleep and recuperation”

“They are a generation of change agents”

“When you’re not taking other people’s inventory, there’s a lot more space for you to take your own”

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