Stacie is excited to welcome Ellen Fields onto this episode of Communication Untangle. Ellen has over 30 years in Corporate America to draw from, first in the consumer healthcare industry, and now she’s a communication executive. She started off wanting to make the world better, ad now she helps leaders communicate in a better way!

In This Episode

  • Growing within an industry as a woman, and an executive

  • The power of perception

  • Being yourself is important, but so are your goals.

  • Things Ellen would say to her younger self

  • Communicating during the interview process

“In the early part of my career, gender wasn’t as big of an issue”

“I couldn’t take that comment personally”

“What is your goal, and what does it take for you to do that?”

“What types of things do you want to be doing?”

“It was delivered poorly, but he gave me excellent advice”

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