Stacie Speaker is unbelievably thrilled to welcome Rick Sharpe to the show to discuss mental health, and how Men are being more outwardly communicative about their emotions and feelings. Rick has written an awesome book called The Price of Heartbreak. Rick is a man on a mission and he is here to help us raise awareness about emotional struggle and the importance of communication within that struggle.

In This Episode

  • Heartbreak, Patterns and how the book came to be

  • Why men tend to avoid the deep emotional conversations.

  • How men like to be received in conversation in order to open up more

  • Why men will die on their white horse before risking a fall off of it

  • Finding someone you would die for, and living for them.

“I had to go places in my past in order to figure out why this was happening”

“I had to look at myself in the mirror and say ‘you’re an idiot'”

“When you lie to yourself, that’s a huge betrayal”

“If those open conversations take place, we actually enhance each other”

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