In this episode of Communication Untangled, Stacie is totally stoked to welcome her husband Raymond Lee to the show! Ray is a football coach, and he sees it as a way to help a great many people, and he finds enjoyment in a lot of aspects of it. Although he doesn’t consider himself a master communicator, he enjoys the challenge and often finds that the hardest young people to get through to often create the biggest rewards in life.


In This Episode

  • Communicating with high school students to steer them in a productive and successful direction

  • Ray explains that men do express their feelings, they’re typically just not public about it

  • Communication between men and women doesn’t have to differ or be tougher than other types of communication

  • How to create a positive team environment and foster a positive group relationship

  • The challenges in communication between Ray and Stacie


“You have to have a multi-pronged communication approach”

“You have to spend a good amount of time getting to know the kids”

“It’s a misconception that men don’t have those emotions flowing through them and express them”

“Just find what their passion is and get them to relay that”

“I think that’s the key to anything is just knowing someone”

“Some things take time to open up to”

“The more we understand who we’re communicating with, the better”


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