On this episode of Communication Untangled, Stacie Speaker welcomes Tiana Sanchez in a #1 best selling author on Amazon, as well as a corporate trainer who serves innovative companies throughout the U.S. Tiana also hosts an awesome podcast called Like A Real Boss.


In This Episode

  • Management at 17 years old, and learning the complexities of people.

  • Why focusing on communication can mess things up for people

  • One of the best things you can do when you find yourself in a new environment

  • Navigating conflict, and how to deal with people who are frustrated or upset.

  • What is an empathy statement, and why you may want to start using them.


“People are complex and we are all uniquely different”

“The best part of my career was developing others”

“There’s nothing soft about the soft skills”

“If you don’t have trust first, you’re not going to communicate effectively”

“Seek to understand, not seek to judge”


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