In this episode of Communication Untangled, Stacie Speaker reunites with Alison Deutsch . Alison is a certified positive psychology practitioner and professional coach who has experienced the challenge of relocating with her young family 4 times over a period of 10 years both domestically and overseas. Stacie first welcomed Alison as a guest on Reignite Your Light, and is thrilled to speak with her again!


In this episode

  • Stress and how the body responds to it.

  • The 3 Super Powers and how they keep you calm.

  • The cuddle hormone, and hugging yourself.

  • Shining light on the issue, and feeling powerful.

  • Taking power away from yourself and subtle self sabotage.


“That moment when you’re up in front of the room, or the mic goes live… it’s like a free fall”

“The breath is a way of calming down that fear”

“We all need a chance to breathe”