Stacie welcomes her podcast producer, Scott Doucet of Podcast Bay to the show to discuss the results of a quiz he took in order to determine his communication archetype! Scott leads a production team, and runs a community of podcasters and aspiring podcasters online, ans so communication is a massive part of his day to day. He wanted to learn more about his archetype, but more importantly, how he can communicate more easily with others.


In this episode:


  • Scott shares his Communication Archetype with Stacie

  • He shares the challenges that come along with his communication style

  • The role of empathy in communication

  • Men and Women communicating with each other

  • How Scott can communicate better with the people in his life



“My archetype is almost counter-productive at times”

“The phone is my nightmare”

“Everybody has to have the willingness to put themselves in someone else’s shoes”

“Everyone needs their moment”

“You don’t understand. You don’t get it”

“You are just there to listen, and not fix”

“Listening is not just letting someone speak”

“You have to listen in order to be heard”

“People leave bosses, people don’t leave jobs”

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