Stacie welcomes back Luke Iorio!! Stacie interviewed Luke on her last Podcast, Reignite Your Light, and had a great time speaking with him. He’s the President of IPEC, and hosts his own podcast as well!

Stacie brings him back to the Communication Untangled podcast as a result of a post he posted on social media #notokay. He made a large point about how distorted our communication is, and how little we actually try to understand one another.

Luke and Stacie talk about how to have those difficult conversations, or if opinions greatly differ: how do you stop it from turning into a shouting match? Luke shares various questions you can ask yourself during a conversation that can help you build a strong connection and great conversations.

He gets excited over one of Stacie’s question about how to teach children to listen in order for generational improvement. Luke gives great examples of things that parents can do to encourage empathy and understanding within our children.

Luke also brings some profound insights around compassion and kindness, and the impacts they have on us neurologically. So much depth and intelligence, so many reasons to do the right thing and seek to understand one another.



“We’re not spending enough time really truly understanding the other”

“it’s the most connected and disconnected we’ve been”

“What are the roots of happiness?”

“The most important and under utilized aspect of communication is listening”

“In many ways, teaching or relating some of this to children is so much easier than teaching adults”

“How does it feel when you’re truly accepted?”


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