Did you know that a disengaged employee is four times more likely to say they received too little recognition at work? Everyone wants recognition for anything that they do at work — big or small — so every day is an opportunity to change their perception. Weekly recognition rituals can be a great way to recognize the hardwork your employees do everything, but also boost morale and foster a sense of community amongst the teams. Being consistent in this practice is also a great way to build trust and employee engagement. Remember what they say: a happy employee is a productive employee.

When asked what leaders could do more of to improve engagement, 58% of respondents from an employee engagement study replied, “Give recognition.” (Psychometrics, A Study of Employee Engagement in the Canadian Workplace).

To recognize my employees, I use my calendar to schedule “Love My Employees” reminders. These little reminders are set so that I can take moments to recognize something amazing that one of my team members has done, or a way for me to remind them how much I appreciate them. Having gone from an employee to now an employer, I have come up with five tips that you can use to recognize your team. You can choose to use all 5 — or maybe one or two — to help inspire you to come up with your own list. There’s not set number, as long as you are sincere in your approach and you do it consistently.

1. Happy Monday

You can mitigate the Monday Blues with small gestures that spread happiness. Happy Monday might mean buying breakfast burritos, donuts or bagels and coffee for the team. This little gesture can often mean more than you realize and serve as a great way to kickoff the week.

2. Talk it Out Tuesday

Tuesdays can become a slogging day as the week ramps up. Try your best to give employees a peaceful environment. Offer an open brainstorming session to help support on any projects they may be working on. Sometimes, just talking about things outloud can lead to discovering new opportunities. A word of caution: be sure to not let it become a vent session. Keep the conversation positive and productive.

3. Win Wednesday

Win Wednesday is a great way for people to look for what’s working within their teams and share. You can do this with departments or the whole company by scheduling a short group meeting each week where recent wins — i.e., customer interactions and/or professional and personal achievements — are called out and given proper recognition. This is an excellent camaraderie builder.

4. Thank You Thursday

Remember to give a colleague a ‘thank you’ for something they’ve helped out on that week, big or small. If for some reason you can’t think of anything, just thank them for being part of the team. Do it in person, leave a handwritten note or send an email. However you do it, be sincere.

5. Friendly Friday

This one’s easy — just be friendly. Either at the beginning or at the end of the day, make the rounds, thank everyone for the week’s work, ask about weekend plans, take an interest and genuinely show you care. If someone’s got big plans, send them home early, if it’s an option.

Whether you do all or some of these company-wide, departmentally or individually, all that matters is that you’ve given yourself a way to make recognition and feeling good a feature of your company culture. If you are having trouble finding the time to thank all the people you should thank, a weekly ritual can lend structure and keep you on track.

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