“What is your life goal?” is a heavy question that isn’t easily answered. Most of us will laugh it off or give some wildly crazy answer to avoid answering it all together. With the new year now upon us, the question comes back like a bad penny. But, maybe, this year is the year we dedicate some time to thinking about our life goals — and maybe even achieving them.

It took years to really grasp the meaning of this, and then one day, it became clear: the question isn’t “What is your life goal?”; it should be “What are your life goals?”I

For some of us, we know at an early age what we would like to do with our lives and we take the steps to get there (a goal). For others, like myself, there are twists and turns, and a goal we once had is no longer part of the new path we now find ourselves on.

As we grow older and take on life, the experiences we are faced with are what makes us who we are. These very experiences can dictate the answers we have for the “life goal” question.

Some days life is hard and throws us curve balls, and the best thing we can do is not strike out. We can’t always predict what the future is going to hold for us; thus, the reason why some people find having several life goals as a comfort and for others, it’s a nuance.

No one will escape the unexpected — it’s part of being human. But, if you have a plan in place when life’s speed bumps take you by surprise, the bump isn’t so bad. The one thing you can depend on is change and if change is hard for you, maybe one of life goals should be how to learn to embrace change.

The next time you are faced with this question by a family member, colleague or stranger, consider your response; perhaps you don’t have a single goal in mind — maybe you have several with plans to add to the list.

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