Thanks for joining us for another episode of Communication Untangled! In this episode, Stacie is joined by Calvin Chen. Calvin is an executive life coach who specializes in emotional intelligence for high performance, leadership and happiness. His coaching is based on the same values he lives his life by: Love and truth, possibility and practicality.

Stacie kicks off asking Calvin about his path to coaching Calvin explains that he started off pursuing a science degree, but ended up not wanting to continue, and being sold the entrepreneurial dream through a book. He began cold calling, and learning the skills he needed to thrive within the cold calling environment. He began cold calling for Tony Robbins, and within 7 months got the opportunity to sell coaching for Tony. Stacie asks a few questions about what had happened, and Calvin shares the exact moment that he talked his way into the position.

Stacie congratulates Calvin on finding his calling at a young age, and Calvin shares his thought process surrounding age, learning and money. He also describes how he uses communication to build relationships with his clients, as well as find out where they are, what they’re wanting, and to help them build relationships of their own.

Calvin tells Stacie what he feels his role as a coach is, and how it’s important to him to be able to give input in a way that is safe to the recipient. Stacie then Asks Calvin what he would do in a situation where the client were to get defensive or even argumentative. He explains that he would pause and listen, because people tend to get that way when they feel they’re not being heard, and it’s crucial to hear where the other person is coming from in order to move forward toward a positive result.

He tells the story of the elephant and the blind men, and gives insights about the differences we all have in perspective. He says that he wishes more people would consider different people’s perspectives in order to become better leaders, husbands, wives or even just better people.

Stacie asks Calvin about communication within his marriage, and how he navigates difficult conversations, she also offers a piece of her own wisdom and shares that sometimes problems don’t need to be solved, so much as listened to.


“He said ‘I’m not going to hire you, go work on something else’ and I said no”

“This is making the best use of all the BS I’ve been through in my life”

“I’m definitely in my learning phase right now”
“The communication is to achieve relationship and not just some sort of a transaction”

“Direct communication is a very important component to coaching”

“Let me see what you see”

“If I’m not careful, I can get too in my head and too analytical”