Welcome back to Communication Untangled! On this episode Stacie greets Jessica Lorimer with open arms to discuss the topic of Sales, and how to have sales conversations more effectively. Jessica is a sales coach who helps clients sell with more ease an integrity, while adding revenue to their business each month without spending all of their time on FB.

Jess describes her journey into sales as a result of enjoyment, rather than a purpose from birth. She got a job at a jewelry store at a young age and really enjoyed the journey of getting to know customers and building relationships while learning their taste. After school, she was headhunted into sales in the fashion industry and excelled in that field by building genuine connections with people and communicating in a way the built solid foundations with her customers, and realized that she could dominate the sale niche with ease.

Jess talks about the lifetime value of a client or customer and tells the story of one of her clients, and the relationship they’ve developed. She also explains long term relationships and how they continuously benefit both parties through repeat business and referrals, rather than just a one and done sale.

Stacie asks why Jess chose to work specifically with women. Jess loves the question, and laughs that in 3 years, no one has asked her that. She describes the issues women face when communicating their value to the outside world. She talks about women aren’t taught to be in the spotlight, but rather nurturing others, and Jess wishes to change that dynamic in order to help female entrepreneurs state their value, sell themselves proudly and with confidence, and make the money they wish to make.

Jess and Stacie talk about the difference between men and women and the ways that they communicate their issues, their objectives and their desires. Jess also talks about how much more personally women take rejection in a business environment, and how they take it as a personal affront to their own self worth, instead of considering that the other party might not be ready yet.

Jess talks buyer psychology, and sales styles, and how 3 major types of sellers exist: Aspiration, Emotion, and Fear Of Missing Out. She briefly describes them, and how we as people fit all of them at different times. She also talks about Facebook, and shares the role it plays in building community and establishing a healthy business.

Finally, Stacie asks Jess why she decided to start a podcast and why she continues to do so Jess explains that Podcasts are more intimate than other platforms she’s used, and she feels like a podcast is equivalent to sitting down to tea with a friend.


“It’s about how you position the conversation, but also how you position the relationship”

“You need to be very clear from the outset what the relationship is about”

“The lifetime value of a customer isn’t just one sale”

“Wealthy women can change the world”

“Women don’t like confrontation”

“Reputations take years to build and moments to crash”

“A rise in tides lifts all boats”






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