One of the most difficult issues that everyone deals with are limiting beliefs. They’re a challenge because we typically don’t notice them and their impact until it’s too late. In other words, you may not realize that your life-long limiting belief’s a major hurdle in your path to success.

A perfect example of how limiting beliefs can impact you was with a business owner that I worked with. She told me that she didn’t hire additional staff to help lighten her workload because she believed that they wouldn’t care about the work as much as she did.

She’d somehow convinced herself that they’d care only about the paycheck. We spoke at length about this limiting belief and used one of my favorite methods, countering statements, to help her.

We first addressed her countering statement about the paychecks. Her belief that people would only work for the money wasn’t entirely true. In fact, she proves this theory right in herself; doing the work that she does out of passion and not pay.

This moment of awareness helped her realize that perhaps her theory was flawed. I challenged her to continue identifying other countering statements throughout her day to help increase awareness. This exercise only helps increase awareness, but can also help you feel more confident in yourself.

Limiting beliefs, though not always obvious, can have very obvious effects on your business. In fact, it can impede the growth of your business if not addressed. It can slow sales, lose the trust of your clients, and so much more.

As work consumes you, it can take a toll on your personal life as well. Your family life and personal life can suffer from not getting the attention and care that they need. Once you realize that this limiting belief is real, it’s important to figure out where it comes from, too.

In the case of the business owner, we were able to trace hers back to her first job in a restaurant. She stated that her co-workers never took pride in the work that they did, and this belief that no one cared was cemented in her mind. In all her jobs following that one, she continued to believe that no one would care about the work, and would let this way of thinking follow her well into adulthood.

Once you get to the source of the belief, it’s time to really get to work on fixing it. Overcoming limiting beliefs can be hard and scary work, but with a little dedication and openness, it’s possible.

Remember the steps to achieve success:

  • identify the belief
  • address the countering statements
  • prove the belief is flawed
  • admit the harm this belief has caused you
  • identify the source of thinking
  • work on fixing it
  • Credit: This article was originally published on LiveLeadPlay.
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