Helping you develop leaders across the organization to drive all three.




It’s lonely and isolating at the top.  Giving you a place to address what is keeping you up at night, develop an action plan so you can trust your direct line, delegate, and set boundaries allowing you to reduce stress and give yourself the opportunity to the strategically manage the business as a whole.


Helping organizations with their principal strategies to drive the company’s mission.


Leading internal discussions to have candid conversations with the executive team on topics such as:

  • Employee retention and attraction
  • Innovation
  • Operational systems
  • Margins shrinking across category lines
  • Shorter timelines and market challenges


Designed specifically for emerging leaders, and senior management.  For individuals who come together in a group setting, all with a common interest to improve and take action in deepening their professional skills.

*Curriculum is customized to specifically address your organizational, cultural, and leadership challenges.*


As an external consultant, Stacie has a great collaborative approach which enables her to partner well with clients and in turn, creates or adapts her content to meet the needs of customers.

While her sessions are designed around necessary content, it is her delivery and application which gets results we were looking for. She is a great presenter, with fun role-play exercises along with instant implementation action plans, make the sessions interactive, fun and engaging. Feedback from participants includes, “Stacie is a passionate, easy going and great to work with.  We are looking forward to the next engagement.”

Human Resource Department

Moose Toys

Stacie Speaker has a very unique and effective coaching style.  She is smart, motivated and has the right personality to drive your business. She quickly understood my team leadership challenges and together we created a solid action plan to move my company forward. Her realistic and easy-to-talk-to approach made her very relatable to the team and the return on investment was invaluable.

Tim Sabba

Discovery Point 58 Franchise Owner

When I first started working with Stacie I was at a crossroad, should I stay at my current company or move on. She is a very compassionate listener and helped me identify the undercurrent of what was happening and the crux of what I needed. I was able to decipher what was at the heart of the issue for me.

She helped me gain the confidence to be more assertive and find my own voice which has been a big breakthrough for me. I was recently promoted and couldn’t be happier!

Sondra Wiener

Director Product Design, Action Brand - Hasbro


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